Women: Appearance In Workplace May block Your Success

Are you one of those high-minded idealists who think your appearance should have no effect on your standing in the workplace because position and advancement should be based on merit,

then you needs to seriously rethink your strategy? If your “personal style”  your hair and makeup in the office is a rarity. Then you need to seriously think about the following:

  • Have you ever been denied promotion more than once despite the fact that you are doing an adequate (or better) job?
  • Are you invisible to your bosses, no matter how much responsibility you take on or the successes you achieve?
  • Perhaps you’ve even started to notice that co-workers are avoiding you or sneering behind your back

You should at least dress professionally.If you don’t know what proper office attire looks like, take a peek at your co-workers (especially those that have received promotions in the past).  You might even ask for some advice (what girl doesn’t like to participate in a makeover?).  Bright, colourful accent pieces like scarves, pumps and even printed blouses allow you to make even this understated style into something that still shows your personality.  As for jewellery, don’t go off the deep end; keep it simple, chic and sparse…

Think about creating a hair and makeup look to match your new wardrobe. Don’t do any kind of major overhaul, but you should make every effort to adopt a complexion.  Think about implementing a skincare routine to deal with issues like acne and dry, dull skin so that you can start with a fresh face, and then utilize limited makeup.  Beyond that, keep makeup natural and minimal, choosing tinted lip balms or glosses, a natural shade of blush, and maybe even some mascara.  Full makeup is neither required nor appropriate for the office setting.

For your hair, try a cut that is both flattering and not too fussy.  Although it may seem vain, you should also consider covering greys with colour since age discrimination is nothing new in the corporate setting.  You might not believe that your appearance makes that much difference in the office, but you’re most likely wrong.  A major aspect of how you are perceived in the workplace centres on the way you look.