Top Summer Dresses

You can take We paired the Devi Kroll python flats with the Plenty by Tracy Reese Dress and the All Black fabric flats with the We R Just Angels drop waist black dress.

They come in all fabrications and can take you from day to night. Flats are a terrific way to highlight summer dresses. You need it to stave off the heat.

First of all, they’re not flaws, they’re just accentuate-tors and secondly with all these baby doll, empire and trapeze dresses floating around, it’s a shame to deprive yourself of a well-deserved ice cream. No more worrying about whether you’ll be fashionable even if you have to hid an, ahem, flaw. There are so many dress styles to choose from. All you need to do is switch accessories and you’re off! Yup, a dress can take you from day to night.

No worries about tops escaping bottoms and is the belt tying everything together? No rushing around trying to find coordinates. In one whoosh of a zipper you’rewearing a complete outfit. Dresses are perfect for summer.

You’ll reach for a dress of course! What will you do? You don’t want to look wilted or have so many layers on that you’re uncomfortable. You want to look as fresh, lively and adorable as you can. Well then, what do you wear?

If it’s not polo, lawn parties, benefits or ferrying your munchkins around, there is definitely an event on the horizon. Bright sun, balmy breezes, starry nights and lots of fun activities – yes that’s summer for you.