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What keeps Tiger from catching up with Aamir Khan


When Tiger Shroff stepped into Bollywood, Aamir Khan extended his full support to promote him and his debut film, ‘Heropanti’. Even while prepping for the role, the young actor would often be seen at Aamir’s place – they happen to be neighbours – to seek advice and acting tips.
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Twist To The Tale Books that Bollywooders must have on their shelves


We’ve seen obvious ways in which literature inspires the film industry. Here’s adding a twist to the tale

While most geniuses have guided the world with their thoughts, there are many who have been misguided by them. Take for example, Einstein’s warning to the US about Hitler’s experimentation with a “big bomb” which led to the invention of nuclear weapons. We take a look at certain actors who we think should read these books as it matches with their personality or fits in the current scheme of things in their lives.
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