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Busted Deepika caught at Ranveers home


After seeing the brewing the romance between Anushka, Virat, Deepika and Ranveer there remains no doubt about the fact that, these days love waves have totally captivated the showbiz.
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Bollywood actors and their disastrous film choices


Bollywood stars often set tongues wagging for their questionable film choices. We take a look at some forgettable roles that, in all probability, still haunt the actors…

Good actors doing bad movies is an unavoidable reality. After all, a film can get rolling with the best of intentions, but that doesn’t always translate into great results. And for an actor, poor choice of projects, in hindsight, can also lead to a lifetime of regret. hitlist gives you a lowdown on a few disastrous roles that might still be making the stars shudder….
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