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Why was Evelyn forced to call off a party in her Dubai hotel room


Evelyn Sharma was forced to call off a party in her hotel room in Dubai as the hotel staff objected to it as it was against the management’s rules

Recently in Dubai to attend a function, Evelyn Sharma decided to host a party in her hotel suite and invited nearly a dozen friends over. However, when the hotel staff got wind of the li’l get-together, they warned the starlet to call it off as it was against the management’s rules. Apparently, what followed was a long argument but eventually, Evelyn had to relent.
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Bollywood stars who took their role research a bit too far


With Varun Dhawan admitting about having fallen prey to depression while prepping up for Badlapur, we take a look at Bollywood actors who pushed themselves a bit more than usual to “get into character”

Acting is just like any other profession. More hardwork you put in, the results are going to be better. Looks like some of our young turks now realise that they need to dedicate themselves 24×7 for a character or role they are playing, if they have to prove their mettle.

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