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Exposed Is Rahul avoiding reunion with Dimpy because of this girl


Soon after a fairy tale like beginning where Rahul chose his soul-mate, Dimpy on the TV reality show in 2010, their love life hit a rough patch and reports about Rahul’s violently abusing Dimpy too started surfacing in the buzz arena. Though attempts were made by two, to give their life a fresh start, but all their efforts went in vein and eventually the duo filed for a divorce in May 2014.
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Why was Evelyn forced to call off a party in her Dubai hotel room


Evelyn Sharma was forced to call off a party in her hotel room in Dubai as the hotel staff objected to it as it was against the management’s rules

Recently in Dubai to attend a function, Evelyn Sharma decided to host a party in her hotel suite and invited nearly a dozen friends over. However, when the hotel staff got wind of the li’l get-together, they warned the starlet to call it off as it was against the management’s rules. Apparently, what followed was a long argument but eventually, Evelyn had to relent.
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