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Rhetoric Blunders Worst Bollywood movie dialogues of the year


Among the galore of hits in 2014, we bring you the worst of dialogues from Bollywood films that were also a part of the canvas and will make you cringe

Bollywood films are all about their dialogues, but not all of them are worth mouthing again. In 2014, there were quite a few that had the audience squirming in their seats. Many wondered that the ones writing them were surely not in the right frame of mind to jot down something as ridiculous as them.

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Steamy Lip Locks The Evergreen Tantalizers of Bollywood


There use to be an era in the history of Indian cinema, when incorporating a raunchy sequence in the movie was considered a sin, then came an age when having at least one lip-lock became a mandate. And nowadays it looks like there is a league of having the longest lip-lock in cine tales is going on among our cine literati.

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