Shoaib rejects Meeras proposal claim as baseless

Shoaib Akhtar has denied controversial film star Meera’s allegations that the former Pakistan pacer had proposed to her.

The Lollywood star revealed in an interview over the weekend that the 36-year-old bowler had proposed to her, but she had declined the offer as Shoaib had also proposed to her cousin at the same time.

“This is totally baseless,” the Daily Times quoted Shoaib as saying.

“Why should I have proposed to her?

“It is not based on facts. It is not true.”

Meera had claimed in a national English newspaper that Akhtar did not have a balanced personality.

“Shoaib and I really liked each other. We had an affair two years ago and he proposed to me. Sadly, he also proposed to my cousin at the same time, which reflected that he wasn’t a very balanced person,” she said.

“I would have loved to marry him had he been stable. It would have been perfect, both of us being celebrities,” Meera added.

Meera has also asserted that she had turned down an opportunity to earn Rs.50 million by starring with Akhtar in an Indian Reality Show.

“I was offered Rs.5 crores twice to appear on TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ with Shoaib. But I refused and so did he. I can’t be in a house with B-grade people,” she said.

However, ‘Rawalpindi Express’ has maintained that there was no truth in the statement.

“Just don’t give any importance to this. Ignore the baseless statement. Many women dream of marrying me,” he added.