Shahrukh Khan Matches Hollywood Standards With Ra.One

King Khan Shah Rukh Khan has done it again. The smart B-town super star known for his marketing techniques this time has got the entire industry taken by a pleasant surprise.

On January he came with a full page ad in a leading newspaper announcing his arrival on Diwali with ‘Ra.One’.

While most of the films do hardcore promotions only a few weeks from the release date, Shah Rukh Khan planned his moves of his upcoming promised blockbuster ‘Ra.One’ since January.

Four months before the release of the movie Shah Rukh Khan is doing things that the industry and the audience alike have never witnessed yet. SRK unveiled a one minute theatrical teaser last week and the promo is in high demand by all major cinema owners who want to play it all around.

Needless to add, the promo has sparked great expectations and everyone wants October to come faster.

Heavily loaded by special effects ‘Ra.One’ can easily be mistaken to be a Hollywood big sci-fi flick. Definitely King Khan Shahrukh has set the trend and with the promotions juststarted we can only say that ‘picture abhi baki hai mere dost’ (there’s lots more to come my friend) and it can only go more bigger and better.