Salwar Kameez For Holi

Holi is a bascially a Festival in India,Wher comfort is the first point to be stressed on while picking outfit for the celebration.

Unlike other indian festivals.Holi clothes are quite plain and simple owing to the nature of the celebration.In the morning,people indulge in boisterous Holi celebrations dresses in plain white clothes.The reason for wearing white clothes on Holi is quite a simple on really.White clothes are best for display all the colours of holi that a person has been messy with.while men are most spotted in plain white cotton kurta pajama,its white salwar kameez that are a women’s favourite pick on Holi.

Salwar Kameez is widely prefered by women on Holi since it’s one of the mostcomfortable outfits that can be easily managed.During Holi most women prefer to opt for a salwar kameez over a saree.Holi celebration are anything but quiet and sober,instead the celebration borded on wildness and tend to get pretty wild at times involving a lot of moment and running around.For such a festive enviorment,salwar kameez indeed proves to the best for women.