Rohit Shetty fooled Kajal on the sets of ‘Singham’

Southern beauty Kajal Aggarwal who is making her debut opposite

Ajay Devgn in the much anticipated ‘Singham’ directed by Rohit Shetty is generating a lot buzz in B-town already!

The actress who was spotted by the talented director for her brilliant performances in several hit movies down south was kicked and at the same time nervous to work with the Rohit-Ajay duo that she considers a dream team! And to her hard luck, Rohit and Ajay saw this slight nervousness as an opportunity of a prank and took the help of their Assistant Directors on the sets to do just that!

Now it so happened that on one particular day, the ADs were enacting a scene which Kajal was supposed to do along with Ajay. When they handed over the script to Kajal she felt something was fishy as the dialogues seemed a little weird to her at first. However, trusting the assistants and Rohit she went ahead and started rehearsing the scene.

It was her introductory shot and she was supposed to yell “Ajoba” and run towards her on screen grand-dad. But Rohit asked her to yell “Ajoba Badminton” before running. Though skeptical, she did it anyway, only to realize that the unit had burst out laughing and Rohit and Ajay together had pulled a fast one on her.

Nonetheless, it helped the pretty actress to break the ice and get comfortable to working with the entire unit eventually.

‘Singham’ is slated for a 22nd July release.