Paris Hilton’s mother upset over split

Socialite Paris Hilton’s mother Kathy, is ‘heartbroken’  over her daughter’s split from nightclub owner Cy Waits.

The 30-year-old hotel heiress called off her relationship with nightclub owner Waits as he couldn’t handle her celebrity lifestyle, leaving her mother, Kathy, upset for them both, reported E! news online.

“He really is an angel. I do adore him My heart is broken That’s why I don’t like getting close to the boyfriends because they become like a part of the family,”Kathy said.

Kathy said that she has advised her eldest daughter not to look for anther boyfriend, and instead concentrate on spending some quality time with her family.

“I think it’s very hard to be with somebody that’s in the limelight when you’re really not into that. The thing is, she goes from one boyfriend to the next. I think she will be single for a while. I told her, you need girlfriend time right now and family time. We don’t need to just put a Band-Aid on this,”she added.

Kathy is also a huge fan of traditional family values, and was left shocked when a few months ago Paris told her she thought she may be pregnant with Waits’ baby.

“It was very emotional. For my children, I dreamed of the wedding first and then children. I’m a traditional girl. I met my husband at 15, got married at 19, got pregnant a year later and then had three children after that,”Kathy said.