OMG Watch Naked Sofia Hayat Taking ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Although it’s late but it looks like finally our fame hungry sex goddesses have waken up and are all set to take up the ALS ice bucket challenge. And now after gorgeous Sunny and sultry Poonam Pandey its British Asian model Sofia Hayat who has stepped into the arena. 
But it looks like Sofia has taken up the challenge after a thorough introspection because the the extent of sensuality which she has put forth in her video is miles ahead of her sexy predecessors. 

In this 15 second long video Sofia can be seen lying naked on a beach chair, covering her modesty with her arms.

Well after seeing this prurient gimmick of Sofia we are bound to say that, by her act she has literally raised the sensuality benchmark for her hot blooded successors who may follow her and take this challenge in future. 

If reports pertaining to this challenge of Sofia are to be believed then after nominating her Bigg Boss co-contestant Gauhar Khan Sofia took back the challenge keeping in view her medical condition and even donated 50,000 INR on her behalf.