New Summer Makeup Tips

Who apply to summer bright makeup, bridal collection are colors and style in also very important. Applying the lightest colors shadow in your eyes, and inner corners up into to brows and eye outline in edges. Now you see Bright Makeup Looks Tips:

Bright Makeup Tips 1: Prepare

First, redness and still skin approximately the eye to decrease the light reflecting covered on top of the eyelids and under the eyes.  Set the concealed brush translucent powder over the eye area.

Bright Makeup Tips 2: Eye Shadow and Eyeliner

Use a shadow of gray smoke and the eyes are used as eyeliner with a fine brush along the upper lash roots. Uses the same color on the lower lashes for all pink or painful skin cover.

To underline in the original, take pencil eyeliner the same color and go over the line you have drawn only for the lower lashes. Use a small flat brush on the eyeliner for a soft and sensual look slick slope. Select a color eye shadow, eye, such as lilacs, help make clear is suitable for all skin tones. Peach is a flattering color for a pale skin and gold will look good if you have dark olive skin.

Rub the color in the middle of each eyelid with an eye shadow brush or your finger. Capture Dab a little spark in the inner corners of the eyes and under eyebrows along the front light.

Bright Makeup Tips 3: Eyebrows

Cloudy with a brow brush and fill the holes with an eyebrow pencil as close to your natural hair color as possible. White approximately his eyes, white eyeliner pencil the length of the limits of the eyelids.

Bright Makeup Tips 4: Mascara

Finally, the tabs really opened my eyes, that around the roots as possible. It ends with black mascara; the staff is working from the roots to the tips of upper lashes.

Bright Makeup Tips 5: Extra

If ever the eyes still look a bit tired or injured, some eye drops in both eyes as smooth as glass.