Lauren Conrad Goes Sexy for Glamour May 2012

Lauren Conrad puts her fears aside and slips into some super stylish swimwear pieces for Glamour’s May 2012 issue.

The magazine’s cover girl also dishes on what really happened on The Hills, her body image, personal life and more, so find out what she had to share with her fans by checking out highlights of Lauren’s interview with Glamour as well as a selection of her spread!

It’s been a while since ‘The Hills’ star Lauren Conrad donned a swimsuit in L.A, but finally the diva put aside her fears and slipped into various stylish swimwear pieces for Glamour, May 2012 issue. Her incendiary spread reveals a slender looking, confident Lauren Conrad that exudes elegance and style, so browse through a selection of LC’s spread and take a peek at highlights of her interview with Glamor as she gushes on an array of subjects including her body image issues, her personal dating life as well as on what really happened on the reality show that introduced her to fame, ‘The Hills’.

Image is very important for celebrities so no wonder that they pay a high attention to their physique, but it seems that the high definition cameras that help the paparazzi capture images of our favorite celebrities can unveil even the tiniest flaws. Lauren Conrad states that an unflattering photo taken by a photographer which zoomed on the cellulite covering her legs has had an immense impact over her self esteem. The reality TV diva turned designer tells Glamour that:

“On the vacation to Cabo, I wore a bathing suit on the beach for the first time in years. Usually I’m just petrified. A couple of years ago someone zoomed in on my cellulite and it was so mean. I took it really personally. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in L.A. in years because of that. I haven’t met a woman without insecurities. You just have to learn to play up the positives.”