Kissing isnt taboo Emraan Hashmi

He made kissing on-screen a routine.

And actor Emraan Hashmi insists that he is not bothered by the ‘serial-kisser’ tag he has earned over the years. He feels that such tags make no difference in the long run.

Quiz him about it and he says, “I want people to give me credit for my performance and not for kissing alone. I pretty much hate the tag as it is unfair and takes the focus away from your performance. But after eight years of being given the tag, today it doesn’t bother me as much. Anyway, kissing isn’t taboo, so I fail to understand the hype around it, even today. I’m least bothered and prefer concentrating on my work and entertaining people.”

Hashmi is now said to be good friends with filmmaker Ekta Kapoor. What does he have to say about their new found friendship? “Ekta and I share a great equation. I love the interesting topics she picks to make films. She is easy going and has a vision. I agree with her keen sense of marketing films. I also respect her for her daring spirit to stand firm against all odds,” says Hashmi as he is all praises for Kapoor. He is also working with National Award winning film director, Dibakar Banerjee and he is on cloud nine for the same.

“I love his stories. They are fresh, and I’m fascinated by them. His sensibility of filmmaking is very interesting. His idea of doing workshops to know and get into the skin of the character, makes one’s role look absolutely effortless on screen,” reveals Hashmi.