I Would Not Be Acting In Movies:Shilpa Shetty

Production Has Already Launched Itself Oficially With Shipa’s Yoga Video.”It’s Been Very Well -Received.So Far Ironically Enough Yoga Videos Were Done By Non-Indian Celebrities.

For A Change And Indian Has Done One.Yoga,In Case We’e Forgotten,Is An Indian Discipline.I’m Very Happy To Be The Face Of Yoga Abroad.Any One Who Has Seen The Videos Says I Have Gone Beyond Glamorizing Yoga.To Me It Was Not Just A Financial Venture.I Have Always Been Health Conscious.And This Was My Way Of Sharing My Ideas On Yoga With The World.”

Shilpa Says She Has Been A Yoga Exponent For Some Time. “It’s A Natural And Reliable Way Of Healing And Staying Healthy. When I Did The Video It Didn’t Matter To Me How Well It Did. I Just Wanted To Have Complete Creative Control. I Always Want To Project India And Indian Culture In The Right Perspective.”
Shilpa Shot The Video In Kerala. I Think Our Country Has Very Developed Aesthetics.It’s Time To Let The World Know We Are Not About Snake Charmers And Elephants. It Feels Goog To Have People Abroad Say,She Knows What She’s Talking About.
As For Carrying Her Fame In Europe Forward Shilpa  Is Not Planning Any Strategy. “I Never Di Plan Any Thing In Life. But Whatever I Do Abroad Will Have To Have A Desi Chaap.My Perfume Has Sandalwood. My First Stage Play Had Bollywood. And My Yoga Video Has Kerala.I Just Want To Go With The Desi Flow. I’m Very Happy With What I Have Achieved Abroad So Far.
The Coming Year Promises To Be Extra -Special Shilpa Shetty.Shilpa’s Mother,An Astrologer,Had Predicted Big Developments In Her Daughters’s Life In 2010 To 2011.
Of Course Every Mother Thinks Great Thinks For Her Daughter.But She Is An Astrologer And She Knew About It.I Want To Go Further In My Life And Career.”
After Sushmita Sen It Would Be Shilpa Shetty Making Her Debut As A Film Producer This Year. Says Shilpa, “This Year I Have Turned Producer. I am Talking To Writers And Directors Even As A We Speak.I Have Already Signed Manish Jha To Direct Film That Will Star Me And Another Heroine. I Want To Be Make Aesthetic But Commercially Viable Films. I Want To Make The Kind Of Films That I Would Want To Go To The Theatres To Watch. I Have Been Affilliated To The Movie Industry For Fifteen Years Now.Even A Few Years From Now When I Won’t Be Acting In Movies I Shall Be Producing Them.”