I Hate To Be Known As Wasim Akram’s Girlfriend

The beautiful Pakistani model-turned-actress Humaima Malik is not amused or flattered by being constantly linked with cricketer Wasim Akram.

Lashing out at Indian journalists for making Humaima the next in Wasim Akram’s line of girlfriend after Sushmita Sen, Humaima says, “Wasim has kids, I’ve a family. We’re both answerable to people in our lives.

It becomes very embarrassing for me to be known as Wasim Akram’s girlfriend. I hate to be known by that identity. I’m a celebrity in my own right. Just because I’m a girl do I need to be identified by the presence of a man in my life?”

Humaima says she had to cancel her trip to India in support of Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkta Knight Riders because of the loud whispers about her and Wasim.

“I was coming here to support KKR, not because Wasim was the team’s coach. Unfortunately the Indian press went to town linking my visit to Wasim. I had to cancel my trip. ”

She is rather puzzled by India’s fascination with cricketers and beautiful celebrities. “Over there being linked with a cricketer is seen as a big deal. Every Indian journalist asks me about Wasim. As if that’s all there is to me!In fact an Indian journalist had flown down to Pakistan. It was she who returned to India with gossip about me and Wasim. ”

Humaima quickly adds that the Pakistani press is equally inquisitive about her private life. “Even if we go out for just a cup of coffee there’re loud whispers. Being a celebrity (ahem ahem!) it’s very difficult for me to be seen in public doing normal things. ”

Speaking from Lahore and sounding supremely selfconfident Humaima blames the Indian press for constantly linking actresses with cricketers.

“I guess it makes a whole lot of glamorous pictures. I notice the Indian press is quite taken up with linking actresses, Indian or Pakistani, with cricketers. Wasim was supposed to be seeing Sushmita Sen. Now he’s linked to me. Should I feel flattered ? Not at all.

I am not a walkover to be happy to be known as such-and-such’s girlfriend. I was a super-model and the Pakistani brand ambassador for an international brand of shampoo (Sunsilk) before I was selected by Shoaib Mansoor for my first film Bol. ”

The Pakistani film about the position of the female sex in a patriarchal society has captured immense attention.

Humaima says she was stunned when the high-acclaimed director Shoaib Mansoor offered her the role of a deglamorized daughter of a patriarchal family in Bol.

“I had to go completely against my image. I had to cut my nails really short, sport non-threaded eyebrows and not use an iota of makeup. It was tough on me, and I protested.

But the results have been so rewarding. I feel I’ve changed as a humanbeing after doing this film. It’s been a truly life-changing experience. ”

Humaima says she is all set to come to India for the release of Bol and make a career in Bollywood, if needed.

“And why only Bollywood? I’m ready to do a Hollywood film, if offered. So far Bol has fetched me recognition from all over the world. I’ve been invited to India for the film’s release. And I look forward to doing films there. But Pakistan will always be home. ”