How to use Safe Cosmetics During Pregnancy

To look smart, beautiful and glamorous is the natural desire of every woman. Even in pregnancy, women hardly avoid the use of cosmetics.

To know the harmful effects of these beauty products and cosmetics on your unborn child, read on!!

Every woman, no matter old or young, wants to look beautiful, smart and gorgeous. For this, she uses number of beauty products and cosmetics. In order to rejuvenate their natural and existing beauty, women use different beauty products and cosmetics from herbal to non-herbal and natural to artificial. The practice, to enhance their beauty and glow, don’t even stop even in pregnancy. Unfortunately, majority of women don’t know the hazardous and dangerous effects of these cosmetics on their unborn child.

Becoming pregnant is such an amazing and rewarding gift from God. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through so many changes, hence the skin becomes too sensitive and raw. It is a shocking fact that even your face wash can also be harmful to you and your unborn baby. Therefore, it is very important for all women to know the dangers of the use of cosmetics during pregnancy.

Here you can find some very important and safe instructions/tips on how to use safe cosmetics during pregnancy in order to safe your unborn child and your skin and body.

Cosmetics you can use during pregnancy:

  1. Tanning Cream: The use of tanning creams during pregnancy is safe. They only stain the skin and don’t enter in the blood stream. They also help you to feel glowing throughout your pregnancy.
  2. Waxing: Waxing is perfectly safe during pregnancy. But it might be painful. If you tolerate the high pain, then you can continue your regular wax even during pregnancy.
  3. Facial: Most of the researchers find facial a safe way to glow and to clean your face and skin. But you have to avoid the acidic ingredients in the facial as your skin become more sensitive and raw during pregnancy.
  4. Bleaching: If you are doing regular bleach, then you have to review your practices. Stop regular bleaching during pregnancy. Bleaching and bleach related products may cause birth defects so be careful.
  5. Body Wraps: Any type of body wraps that heat up your body and cover your stomach are not safe during pregnancy.  Body wraps can cause dehydration, which may increase your risk of pre mature labor.
  6. Hot Bath: Hot baths are not safe during pregnancy. The high temperature water can over heat you and your baby. Remember, over heating can also increase your baby’s risk of developing neural tube defects so be careful and avoid hot baths during pregnancy.
  7. Anti-Aging Cosmetics: Avoid anti-aging cosmetics during pregnancy. Anti-aging cosmetics contain high amount of Vitamin A which is not good for your face and skin during pregnancy.

Beside these above mentioned cosmetics, also avoid Accutane or retinoic acids, hair colors, Botox treatments and hair depilatories etc.

For more information and safety, consult a dermatologist or skin specialist to lower the chance of harm to your baby.