Heroines pregnancy shelves the movie

We might be aware about Bollywood actress Aishwarya Bachchan’s pregnancy.

While, people across the globe are showering greetings upon her and Bachchan family, one person in Bollywood is silently crying for the unexpected development. He is director Mathur Bandarkar, who planned a film ‘Heroine’ with Aishwarya Bachchan. The film is about her real life story and she is playing her real life role in this movie.

However, all the plans of this movie were disturbed since the heroine Aishwarya Bachchan become pregnant. Mathur Bandarkar has asked her dates for next 6 months, but she could hardly give him 60days only that is not at all sufficient to complete the movie.

She has to do some bathing scenes under water falls and has to do belly dances in the movie. Considering that now she is 3 months pregnant, it may be difficult for her to strain herself that much in such a delicate period. Moreover, the growth of her stomach also won’t suit the heroine’s character, which should be in slim and sexy shapes. Hence, considering all these facts, the film makers have shelved their movie for at least one year. However, the film makers have to make an official announcement about their plans.