Dakota Fanning Covers C Magazine May 2012

She might have just turned 18, but actress Dakota Fanning has a work experience of more than a decade in the movie industry.

Proving that she’s no longer the little girl from ‘I Am Sam’, all-grown-up Dakota Fanning glams up the cover of C Magazine May 2012, where she flaunts some of the freshest straight-off-the-runway Chanel haute couture ensembles that have the power to make traffic stop with their high-end sophistication.

After channeling her inner diva for the glamorous photo session with C Magazine, actress Dakota Fanning took time to sit down for a chat with one of the magazine’s writers where she gushed on turning 18, love as well as the life as a college student, so check out excerpts of her interview with California Style magazine, next!

Ms. Fanning has impressed an entire world with her acting abilities from her début into the film industry in 2001 until present and it seems that all that talent brought the teen actress an array of nominations for her acting roles. When it comes to turning 18 and having 12 years of experience in the acting business, Ms. Fanning tells C Magazine that:

“I feel like this new chapter as an adult is almost like starting over. That’s the interesting part about getting older in this business. I’m excited to present myself differently.”