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Shanti Dynamite Nipple Piercing Hot Shoot Savita Barbie Movie

Shanti Dynamite nipple hot (1)

Sexy Starlet Shanti Dynamite got a nipple piercing done for her Debut Movie “Savita Barbie” Body piercing, in fact, is nothing new. In all cultures, it is normal to decorate your body. Thus, in ancient Egypt navel decoration was reserved to queens, in ancient Rome, the nipple ring was a sign of manhood and the time of Louis XIV, in high circles was considered mandatory for the ladies.

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Cool Tattoo Ideas for Girls and Women


A cool tattoo can truly make you stand out from the crowd, but, given its fairly permanent nature, it’s important to choose well. Browse through our cool tattoo designs for girls and choose one that would still look great in the years to come.

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