Beautiful problems!

How can the problems be beautiful? Yeah…Impossible?

Just ask Bollywood beauty Minissha Lamba how it would be. She can explain it much better than anyone else, because she has gone through all these problems and still experiencing them in her job. Let us see what she says about it.

“When, I joined the film industry many used to suggest me to shrug off my excess weight by doing exercises. I have tried a lot but in vain. Then, I got ‘Kidnap’ movie and my director warned me if I won’t become slim he will replace me with some body else. It is just like a final ultimatum for me. Hence, I go for Lipo suction and reduced my weight and finished the film. Ever since, I have been on strict diet and maintaining my present figure.

Now, I have new problem from another director. Recently, I have signed a film ‘Jilla Ghaziabad,’ in which I have to act as village girl. My director Anand Kumar asked me to put up some weight and wants me a little bit chubby to suit the village girl role. So, once again I start eating all the unwanted stuff to develop my weight. Being beautiful is ok, but it needs lots of hard work and strict diet. But, to become chubby is also a matter of concern. While, I am gradually putting up excess weight on my body it worries me very much. Now, I hate to put up anymore weight. I am scared to see myself in the mirror now. But it is must for the film. After, completing this movie again I have to sweat a lot to bring down my excess weight otherwise I very well know I will loose my next two movies-Joker and Hum Tum Aur Shabana.