Angel Tattoo Designs

Some of the most expressive and beautiful tattoo art includes angel tattoo designs. Angels are often an expression of spirituality, strength, rebirth, or a tribute to a loved one or hero.

Though angels are a universal symbol among most religions, even those who do not Adhere to a particular faith can appreciate the message being expressed in angel artwork

There are many different types of angels, they all perform a different job. Understanding the particular purpose serves an angel may help you to select the right angel tattoo design for you.
The most powerful angels are the Seraphim. These angels create a fiery light so intense that it is impossible to look at them. Seraphim are said to encircles the throne of God. Each of these angels Possesses three pairs of wings, has four faces, and resembles a serpent.
And historians are heavenly Cherubim hold the knowledge of God. These angels are assigned large tasks that often alter the way of life on earth. Satan was among these types of angels before his fall from grace.
Thrones serve as the chariot for God, and deliver his judgment to earth. They are always trying to create balance between good and evil. They have an unusual appearance, they look like giant flaming wheels covered with many eyes.
Angels that protect the natural world are known as Virtues. In their angelic state, they look like tiny sparks of light. When they appear in human form, they are usually musicians, artists, and scientists who combine the power of love with physics.

Archangels are the protectors of the greater good for humankind. They appear only in human form, human rights and are often leaders and philosophers.
Everyone has a Guardian Angel. These heavenly beings protect homes and people and Provide Comfort and counsel when life becomes challengin