2011 Celebrity Denim Shorts Fashion Trend

Denim is a sure hit every season but what’s making style statement nowadays are Denim Shorts.

Gorgeous Hollywood Celebs are rocking Spring 2011 Denim Fashion Trend by slipping into Trendy Denim Shorts. One rule goes best with the denim shorts- “The Shorter The Better”.

Stylish celebs including Emma Roberts, Nicole Richie, Nicky Hilton, Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Sutta, are pouncing on this rule and flaunting their hot endless by opting for Denim short shorts. So if you wanna give your legs airing then denim shorts are the way to go.

It’s surely a denim season. Denim shorts can be bought or you can make it yourself by just cutting up a pair of old jeans. Cuffed denim shorts are also very hot nowadays and young celebs like Ashley Tisdale and Emma Roberts are seen rocking it effortlessly.

Cuffed denim shorts can also be made by just cutting off a pair of old jeans while leaving enough length to roll up into a small cuff. It is also great to wear over the bikini to the beach. Nothing fancy, but still amazing!!

Some celebs don denim shorts with the inner white pockets out teamed with slouchy tees and flats just like hot Jessica Sutta. If you are little unsure about going for tiny denim shorts then pairing a casual pair of denim shorts with thigh-high socks is best.

Celebs everywhere are making the most of the weather in denim shorts that is a versatile and adaptable denim look. So, what do you think of this trend? Isn’t it rocking?? Share your thoughts with FashionFame.com in comment box below.